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Old mistakes and new ones, too

Always sieve a glaze that someone else has used inbetween – or just make that: always sieve a glaze again before using. I kew that. Oh well.

New mistakes: there can be too much silica sand in the kiln and then everything looks like it just came home from the beach with sandy feet 🙂

And finally, I am not even sure where the mistake was made or what caused it: the clear glase did not mature AND decided to crack so badly that it can be lifted in pieces off the pots. What on earth?

Soooo…. I will dremel out the flotsam and jetsam that landed on the glaze and refire. As an aside: on the occasion of making sure of my spelling, wikipedia tells me that there is also lagan and derelict. Lagan=cargo on the bottom of the ocean that can be reclaimed, and derelict=cargo on the bottom of the ocean with no hope of reclaiming it. I am now wondering if I have flotsam and lagan on my glaze 😉