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Old mistakes and new ones, too

Always sieve a glaze that someone else has used inbetween – or just make that: always sieve a glaze again before using. I kew that. Oh well.

New mistakes: there can be too much silica sand in the kiln and then everything looks like it just came home from the beach with sandy feet 🙂

And finally, I am not even sure where the mistake was made or what caused it: the clear glase did not mature AND decided to crack so badly that it can be lifted in pieces off the pots. What on earth?

Soooo…. I will dremel out the flotsam and jetsam that landed on the glaze and refire. As an aside: on the occasion of making sure of my spelling, wikipedia tells me that there is also lagan and derelict. Lagan=cargo on the bottom of the ocean that can be reclaimed, and derelict=cargo on the bottom of the ocean with no hope of reclaiming it. I am now wondering if I have flotsam and lagan on my glaze 😉




chalices [update 3]

Okay, everything out of the bisque fine, nothing broken. Now just the painting and glazing and firing.

XXXline-up of freshly-bisqued chalices

The bride keeps writing on facebook about how many sleeps to the wedding and I keep counting if there are enough hours for getting the firing done. It should all work out hopefully.

I went with deep red and lime green for the chalices and also made a small tumbler for their boy. He might so NOT be into flowers on a meadow … it cannot be helped though… at least now it is a family set 🙂

XXXpainting the flowers…

I also painted the underside of the tumber and the chalices.
There are a number of different sets, red on green, purple on green, turqoise on green. Some of the tumblers will be glazed inside, some painted (and clear-glased).

There are flowers, birds and cats. That is, each has flowers and one of the flowers is actually either a bird or a cat.

Drying overnight and glazing tomorrow.

XXXinside colours
XXXand outside lawn

chalices [version 02]

So, back to the chalices (or goblets as Diane called them). After the first disaster, I decided to go as slow as possible – while still hurrying up because the wedding is on Saturday and these are a gift.

As a silly diversion, I tried to just dip a chalice in the slip bucket, just to find out that, of course, the bucket was not deep enough and the chalice was only half-done. But a god idea, in principle. So I slipped the inside of the cups first … waited for them to dry. Then I slipped the inside of the stems …. more waiting, Then I got impatient and bunged the whole lot into the kiln for a round of drying.

In the meantime I found a large flower vase, which I re-purposed as slip container. Now at least the chalices would be able to be dipped in their complete length.

half dipped chalice (bucket too small)slip bucket too small
dipping in IKEA flowervasedipping in IKEA flower vase
dipping in IKEA flowervaseslipped inside cups+stems

By now I really was a chicken and did not want to lose any further pieces. So I hum-ed and ha-ed and then decided to take them one by one out of the kiln, still warm from the drying, and dip them in the slip quickly. Success! Well, almost. Of course the relative quick drying caused the slip to crack a little bit at the thicker parts and joints, but most could be rubbed over and will hopefully not show up on the final piece. So, one more drying program and then into a bisque.

dryingdrying ..
done .. off into the bisque kilndone – off into the bisque kiln

Wedding gift: chalices [version 01]

I am invited to a wedding next Saturday. At the engagement party I promised two chalices for the couple.

I made some last weekend from terracotta clay, and am now putting white slip on them. Dipping the whole chalice seemed to work at first but then fails during the drying as the clay gets too water-logged. The first two chalices already had their heads broken off. 😦
Back to the drawing board.