chalices [update 3]

Okay, everything out of the bisque fine, nothing broken. Now just the painting and glazing and firing.

XXXline-up of freshly-bisqued chalices

The bride keeps writing on facebook about how many sleeps to the wedding and I keep counting if there are enough hours for getting the firing done. It should all work out hopefully.

I went with deep red and lime green for the chalices and also made a small tumbler for their boy. He might so NOT be into flowers on a meadow … it cannot be helped though… at least now it is a family set 🙂

XXXpainting the flowers…

I also painted the underside of the tumber and the chalices.
There are a number of different sets, red on green, purple on green, turqoise on green. Some of the tumblers will be glazed inside, some painted (and clear-glased).

There are flowers, birds and cats. That is, each has flowers and one of the flowers is actually either a bird or a cat.

Drying overnight and glazing tomorrow.

XXXinside colours
XXXand outside lawn

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