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My first market

hm, not sure about the experience. We had lots of fun designing the layout of the stall. People were interested and lots of friends stopped by. Lots of work in lugging things around and packing/unpacking. Made some sells and it was fun as a shared experience with a friend. But still too many pots left … my garage is overflowing. I need another plan.


Market, finally

Pots were piling up at home and one could not walk safely anymore. Not to talk about cats… Finally everything was priced and taken off to the first market. And everything had to have its photograph taken before being packed up.  Here is a selection of the ones I liked:

refired the horse on wheels and teh glaze is much better now

A racing cow on wheels, the tail is made from twine.

Hedgehogs - not sure what to call them. Mine look quite different from Meagan's.

A candle holder.

a nobs'n'all that came out okay.

I had problems to get the lids fired in the same way as the pots and several lids warped and now no longer fit the pots. I need to learn how to use wadding.

Beakers with carbon-trap shino w/ iron oxide

Terracotta bowls with wave pattern (white slip and original green glaze)

Carved terracotta bowl

Currently my favorite bowl:

Shino over crackle glaze