Bisque kiln opening

…with a mix of terracotta and stoneware pots. I tried out some new designs.

Terracotta, closed shapes with slip trailing. Still to be glazed.

These ones are the first I am trying out. The idea is from Meagan Chaney (check out her fabulous ceramics and glass). The slip recipe is hers, too. The designs are mine though. It’s still wok in progress and I have to find glazes for them now.

Horse (wheels still to be added), glaze not matured

The horse did not quite work out. The glaze did not mature – 1200 C glaze in a 1080 bisque 😦 and will be re-fired. Little wheels are waiting to be attached.

Terracotta flowers

I am looking forward to seeing these done. They are supposed to go on a little wire and then be attached to twigs.

Terracotta knob'N'all with blue slip and white-painted carving

I touched the slip after (I thought) it was dry to move it but it left a smudge. Very frustrating. The idea of the knob’N’all is from Fetishghost who is making then after Ron Philbeck’s ideas (watch the video!).


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